Nana Has Lunch with Tula

I really enjoy variety and trying out new and different locations to eat is always fun. The big challenge for me has been finding places that are safe for someone with celiac disease to eat without being contaminated. This past week I had a wonderful experience at Tula Gluten Free Baking Company in North Portland. I had a delicious lunch with my husband and my new friend Amy.

As we Wandered in the side entrance, the hypnotic aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies drew me directly to the counter where the words “Oh please kind sir, may I have a cookie?” had to have been written all over my face. At that point of maximum vulnerability they could have exacted 3 times the price for the object of my desire, but I quickly received my little piece of heaven in a big cookie, on a small plate and paid standard retail. The Sea Salt sprinkles on the cookie were surprisingly good and added a unique combination of contrasting flavors to the treat.

Shaking off the initial distraction we remembered that is was lunchtime! Fortunately Tula has a many options, but the individual pizzas were the pick of the day for us. Olive, basil & tomato on freshly made (not frozen) gluten free crust that was simply perfect. Best GF pizza I’ve had to date. The side salad was just right with the orange cumin dressing. My companions enjoyed the pomegranate vinaigrette on their greens.

Not only is the facility dedicated for gluten free and vegan production, the vibe in the place was super positive. In my experience a really good feeling in a place of business does not happen by accident. When we met Mieke (Queen of the Bakery) it became clear where the positive energy originates at Tula. What a terrific lady with a keen sense of retro style and the ability to connect with people right away.

If you are in the vicinity I highly recommend at visit to Tula for lunch or coffee and something from their ample supply of GF baked offerings. Cheers!

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